Little Indie goes to Stasis

Dear customers, dear developers,
due to the dramatic changes in the games market, Little Indie closes its doors for a while or maybe even forever. The servers keep running, so all games are still available to the customers and we'll bring the product pages back for reference back in some time. Due to the extemly bad sales during the last year, we decided to revamp our efforts and concentrate more on own games. For this, we started to rebuild the system from scratch, using state of the art web technologies. But to be honest, we don't know yet, if this will result in a reopening of Little Indie after all.
Things started, as we moved to a new location, where we extended our family and reconstructed our house and office. Due to time constraints, it became necessary to streamline the submission process, where it took us one and a half our to release a single game. Developing a new, web based submission process showed up the lacks of the old system and took more and more time. Without any notable sales in the same time frame, we decided to start fresh with everything.
We are as disappointed as many of our supportes were, after I spread the news in the inner circle, but this is the time to think economical. We are working on two own games, which were planned to utilize the Jade:DS advanced features, but even there we experienced a lack of easy extensibility and stability. Further, with Windows 8 being bad to the concept of our client and the explosion of new platforms and much more online distribution sites, we weren't able to support the product in an appropiate way.
So, what's to expect? For the next months almost nothing. I waited with this announcement until it became clear, that the new concept of the system works, but there is a lot of work ahead and we need to discover, which features are vital and which are not. Early planning drafts say, that we'll start with a new blog system first, but that's not chiseled in stone yet. We are working hard on our game Spy Actions and it's site will be the first to use the new system. We'll return to the original plan of Jade:DS, which was to create a hosting system for self-publishing, concentrating on the developers own site instead of a portal and I hope, we can bring you a very advanced system for this.
Until then, I would like to thank all our supporter and developer and the, even rare, customers for using and supporting Jade:DS and Little Indie! If you are registered to the old system, you'll be informed about changes and your accounts will be transfered to the new system.

Best regards,
Andreas Podgurski